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Samsung Galaxy S5 4200mAh Smart-View External Backup Battery Case

Brand: NewNow
SKU# MP31340
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Product Description

This battery case has a unique design with perfect dimension that makes it among the best in the market. You need to know that it is very lightweight and convenient to carry whenever you go. It is very easy to install and remove off the battery. This means that you will always get a protective case which will make your phone very powerful.

This often works as both an extended battery and a protection case. This means that you will always redefine the looks of your phone to a new level whenever you want it.

This makes it also very cheap whenever you are buying it better than many other options that people often buy in the market.
The battery case uses USB output that will definitely make your life much easier whenever you use it. It has a 4 LED that indicates its power status using an LED flashlight. You should never forget that it is suitable when charging your Samsung Galaxy S5. You will always save time when using it.
• New external backup battery for Galaxy S5
• Extends the battery life of your phone for hours, great choice for business and outdoor activities
• Features a built-in stand, offers a comfortable angle for movies watching, game-playing, web-surfing
• Stylish LED indicators help you easily gauge what your current power level is
• Lithium polymer capacity: 4200mAh 
• Input: 5V 500 mA~1A 
• Output: 5V 1A

• Size: 155 x 78 x 19mm

Compatible with:
Samsung Galaxy S5

Package Includes:
1 x 4200mAh Backup Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S5
1 x User Manual


Input 5V, 1 A
Output 5V, 1 A
Charger time 3-5hours
Unit Dimension 155*78*19mm
Battery cycle life >500 times
Certification CE, ROHS, FCC
Battery Type lithium-ion
Product Type Samsung Battery Case
Capacity 4200 mAh
Weight: 115.00 Grams


How does it work?

The Battery Charger Case has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery inside. When you slide your phone into the case, a connector at the base plugs into the port at the bottom of phone. Flip the standby switch on the back from red to green to start charging your phone. After using up all the power in the juice pack, just recharge it with your USB cable for more on-the-go power. It's as easy as that.

Why aren't the LEDs blinking while the Samsung Battery Charger Case is charging?

After connecting to a power source, the LED status indicator will start blinking to indicate charging. The lights will turn off after 30 seconds allowing for a good night's rest. Remember to check the status indicator before you disconnect. When all four LEDs are lit, your samsung battery case is fully charged.

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User Reviews


Its Great

Its Great, finally got this for my s5 had it for my s4 best extended battery/ charger case on the market


Bought this battery case for a trip to Asia

Bought this battery case for a trip to Asia. It has a low profile so it doesn't feel too much more bulky within reason. It's very easy to take on and off. The only thing that was kind of annoying was that the power button would inadvertently get switched on sometimes when it was in my bag or pocket. Otherwise no real issues.


This is a great charger

This is a great charger. I have never had to worry about my phone dying on me ever again. It's great that you can turn the charging feature on and off. I am very satisfied with this product.


I received the NewNow Battery case I am 100% satisfied.

I received the NewNow Battery case I am 100% satisfied. It is easy to install and use. It absolutely doubles the life of your battery plus a little extra. The first time using this case i was able to get a whole recharge on phone and and extra 50% the next day. Charging the actually case took about 3 hours to get fully charged. Another nice feature is that is cover the case very well in the front. One thing i didn't like was how slipper the case one. It seemed like it was gonna slip out of my hand at any moment. All in all this case is very well designed and definitely work like a charm.


I love this case. It is easy to get your phone in.

I love this case. It is easy to get your phone in.I love the indicator lights on the back so you know exactly how much charge you have. The on/off button is placed perfectly so you can hold your phone in one hand and press the button to turn on and off the charge. I really like the on/off feature so you can just put your phone in and go and not start using the charge until you really need it.


I do love this case! I would purchase a black one, when I can. Thanks!

I love this case. I've gone 2-3 days without needing to actually charge my phone, which is great since I have a child who loves to watch Youtube on it. :)
It's a bit heavy, but I'm not really concerned with heavy/light cases on my phone so no issue there.
I do love this case! I would purchase a black one, when I can. Thanks!