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NewNow X-5 Mini 8000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter 400 AMP Peak - Emergency Auto Jump Starter With Portable Power Charger [Apple/Samsung/Nexus/HTC/Nokia]

Brand: NewNow
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Product Description

* One year warranty * Ship from US、UK、CN, quick shipment

NewNow X5 8000mAh emergency jump starter for car

Operating Instruction:

To start auto, please confirm that electricity remained is about 40%. Clamp the red clip with positive “+” and black clip with negative “-”. Then connect the connecting wire of storage battery with start power supply. Turn auto start switch to START position. After that, pull off plug from start power supply and take down storage battery clip.


Capacity: 8000mAh
Dimension: 134.7*77.5*32.6mm
Output voltage at auto start end: 12V/10A
Suitable for Both 2.5L petrol and 2.0L diesel powered engines
Smart Phone / Tablet PC / iPad DC Discharge Output: 5V/2.1A
DC Charge Input: 15V/1A
Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V1A
Start current: 400A (3S)
Cycle life: 3,000 times
Operation temperature range: 0-85℃


1. In case of dormancy for long time, it is suggested to maintain certain battery capacity and the product shall be charged at least at every three months.
2. During service or charging process, mild heat of equipment is normal phenomenon but not fault.
3. It is suggested to use the product under room temperature environment away from moisture, high temperature or ignition source.
4. Please store products in dry area away from moisture and erosive materials.
5. In case of battery inflation, leakage or peculiar smell, please stop using battery immediately.
6. Do not use coarse chemicals for cleaning, such as soap or detergent.
7. Do not drop products in use.
8. Children shall use the battery under instruction of parents in strict accordance with specification contents to guarantee correct operation.
9. Please do not throw about or burn waste mobile power supply and cherish environment.

FAQ of NewNow X5 Multi-Function Auto Emergency Start Power:

1. What are the features of the start power?
Four in one design. It supports charging/power supply to a variety of digital electronic products, such as mobile phone, notebook, PSP, MP3, MP4. Having different modes of illumination functions and start a vehicle.

2. How to turn on the LED emergency indicator lights?
Turn master switch of start power to “ON” for 3 seconds to start lighting function. Afterwards, press LED function to turn normal on to flickering, SOS distress signal light; press again to directly turn it off.

3. How long does it take to charge start power supply? How does it charge mobile phone and tablet PC?
It takes 2-3 hours for a full charge.
Turn master switch of start power to “ON” and then press key switch.

4. What will happen if the contact between positive and negative polarities of storage battery wire clips?
It has an in-built circuit protection design. The fuse will blow in case of short circuit. To avoid injury and damage, you’d better take the product to the professional maintenance.

5. How to charge an auto start power supply?
Put the adapter into the power input port charging (15V/1A), the other end to 220V or 12V car charger. Turn on the switch to start charging, LCD display lights up and starts flashing, indicating charging has begun. If the display shows 100%, it means that is already full.

6. How to start a car?
There are various reasons when car battery can’t start a car. Then you may need our product - NewNow X5 Multi-Function Auto Emergency Start Power. At first, check electricity of start power supply. You have to make sure that 40% capacity is able to start a car. Then connect the positive and negative battery clamp with a car battery’s positive and negative butt, red to red, black to black. After clamping, the plug battery clip insert 12V car starts output port, tighten the car keys to startup files, launch vehicle. If you still can’t start, wait a few minutes and then turn the key and start-up successfully. After a successful start, pull away battery clip from our product, and then the clip from the car battery.

Package Content:

1 x NewNow X5 Multi-Function Auto Emergency Start Power
1 x Pair x Battery clamps
1 x Car charger
1 x Power adapter
1 x Four-in-one mobile phone adapter
1 x User manual
1 x Leather bag










Do you Still want to call your friend or car repair center for help?

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NewNow is a car battery jump starter expert to help you out in all of the above situations.


Capacity 8000 mAh
Battery Type lithium-ion
Input 5V, 1 A
Output 5V, 1A/2.1A
Charger time 5-8hours
Unit Dimension 134.7*77.5*32.6mm
Battery cycle life >3,000 times
Starting Current 400A (3S)
Output voltage at auto start end 12V
Charge Mode CC/CV 15V1A
Operating temperature 0-85℃
Product Type Car Battery Jump Starter
Weight: 730.00 Grams


How do I turn off my portable jump starter?
This unit will power off automatically when there is no load or charging is complete.
How many times can this portable jump starter charge my cell phone?
Approx. 7 times at least for iPhone 4
How long will this portable jump starter take to fully charge my cell phone?
Approx. 1 hour.
How long will this portable jump starter, fully charged, power a laptop or Notebook?
2-3 hours.
How many times can this portable jump starter, fully charged, jump start a vehicle?
Approx. 20 times.
How long will the battery remain charged?
6-12 months, however, we suggest to recharge it every 3 months.
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User Reviews

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Krunal Solanki

I loved the build and technology of New Now

As I know that diesel car draws more power than petrol to crank, so I decided to check this on my friends diesel car. I have jump started my friends 2L diesel car for 7 times (1min pause between two consecutive crank) on single charge with 60% battery still left with me. I had disconnected terminals from main battery to ensure that car only draws power from Kit. As well as its charged my Samsung S6 edge+ mobile very fast.

I loved the build and technology of New Now. Always promising quality with very affordable price.

Thank you New Now and team.

5/5 Star

Chris Cowdell

This charger works perfectly for car trips or anything else.

This charger works perfectly for car trips or anything else, where one may want to charge 1-2 devices while on the road. Has come in handy often. Charges rather quickly, and let one know when it is complete. Battery level is easily displayed during charging, itself or other devices.


Both my husband and brother-in-law love this little pot!!

Both my husband and brother-in-law love this little pot!! They've been playing around starting everything they can. It works every time. The first thing was a Dodge Ram. Started right up!

Christia Bohler

Good Product

hi guys
this little power pack blew me away it lifted a 2 ton tipping trailer no prob at all and it only had 3 lights on .
i will buy another class product .

Janna Bickel

Good Product

I've already put this device to use and it is awesome. Had to jump a SUV several times and works like a charm. This device is as small as a portable USB hard drive. HIGH RECOMMEND

Charise Lieser

Good Product

I have not used it to jump start any of my cars/trucks with it but it sure make charging my cell phone a snap and the light is great.

Delores Elderkin

Good Product

This is a great item and a super price ... Light weight and will jump start a dead car with no problem I'm a professional mechanic and I use it 3-4 times a day I've had it 1 month and still haven't charged it

Vicenta Southard

Good Product

I work in the auto repair industry and this little item is way easier to carry around than a big jump box and has almost the same capabilities

Crystal Gann

Good Product


Alvina Lone

Good Product

I have started vehicles several time just using this tool directly without a battery.
For the price and size, you can't beat it

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