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NewNow G06 12000mAh Multi-function Portable Car Jump Starter and Emergency Power Source Emergency Auto Start Power Power Bank with Flashlight for Phone,car,tablet and Computer Laptop and Smartphone Charging Cables BTCS001

Brand: NewNow
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Product Description

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NewNow® Greenway G02 12000mAh Multi-Funtion Jump Starter Emergency Power 400Amp Peak 12V Car Jump Starter Mobile Power Bank Rechargeable Battery Charger for Cellphones/Laptops with LED Flashlight
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* One year warranty * Ship from US、UK、CN, quick shipment


This item is a Multi-Function mini car jump starter battery designed to provide the desired amount of power where and when you need it. The item easily stows away in a glove box, backpack, or even in your pocket. The lightweight, sleek design allows you to carry the item anywhere you go.

-12 Volt DC output for jump starting vehicles, light duty trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis and more!
-15 19 Volt DC output powers most laptops
-5 Volt USB output for charging celluar phones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, and more!
-2 LED Flashlight
-Lithium Ion Battery - Ensures a long lasting charge, reliable power source
-Quick re-charge capability
-User friendly
-Up to 1000 charging cycles
-Overcharge and Discharge Protection
-Fuse Protection
-Reverse Polarity Protection
-Dimensions: 160*79*32 mm
-Battery Capacity: 12000 mAh
-Output: 5V--2A ;12V--2A; 15V-1A,19V--3.5A;
-Full charging time : 4 hours
-Starting Current : 200A
-Peak Current : 400A
-Operating temperature: -20°c~60°c


Product Features:

-LED Flash Light
-4 Led indicator the battery volume
-Jumper Cables Socket (Designed for Vehicles, Trucks, Boats, Jet Skis with 12 Volt Battery)
-19 Volt 3.5A Output (Designed for Laptops - Includes 19V Cable/Adapters)
-Charge Indicator
-Power On/Off Switch
-5 Volt 2A USB Output (Designed for Smart Phones, Ipods, Tablets, GPS Units, Cameras, etc.)
-USB Cable includes most popular/common USB Adapter
-12 Volt 10A Output (Designed for 12V Accessories Such as Coolers)
-12 Volt 1A Input (Used for Wall Outlet Charger and Vehicle Outlet Charge)


Details of the start power:

1.What the feature of the start power?

*5 in 1 function design, use for charging/power supply to a variety of digital electronic products, such as mobile phone,notebook,psp,mp3 mp4. Having different modes of illumination functions and start a vehicle.

2. How to turn on the LED emergency indicator lights?

*Press the stitch button 3 seconds to start the LED illumination and then different modes of the LED light appear in sequence (normal, strobe, sos). Press lightly the button to turn off the LED.

3. How to convert the voltage among 12 v 16v 19v ?

This application allow voltage converted, indicator will be lighted up while we lightly press the button, selecting suitable voltage for your equipment.

4. How to jump star a vehicle?

*To start the car, please make sure product power should be in 40% or above. Then connect red clip to the battery positive"+", and black clip to the battery negative "-", and insert the plug into the 12V output port. Finally turn to ignition switch to START position until the car started. Please disconnect the plug and remove the battery clip immediately.

5. What happen if we make an error operate to connect the red battery clamp with black battery clamp?

* Do not worry! The product is installed protective circuit which will protect personal safety from destroy.

Package Content:

1 x mini car jump starter Power Bank Battery
1 x Pair x Battery clamps
1 x Car charger
1 x Power adapter 
1 x Notebook adapter cable
8 x Notebook adapter connector
1 x Mobile phone adapter cable
1 x User manual
1 x Leather bag









Do you Still want to call your friend or car repair center for help?

NO WORRY ANY MORE! NewNow helps You!

You can Solve this problem by yourself with it!

NewNow is a car battery jump starter expert to help you out in all of the above situations.


Battery Type lithium-ion
Input 15V, 1A
Output 5V,2A ;12V, 2A; 15V, 1A, 19V,3.5A
Charger time 4hours
Color Black
Unit Dimension 160*79*32 mm
Battery cycle life >500 times
Starting Current 200A
Peak Current 400A
Operating temperature -20°c~60°c
Product Type Car Battery Jump Starter
Capacity 12000 mAh
Weight: 850.00 Grams


How do I turn off my portable jump starter?
This unit will power off automatically when there is no load or charging is complete.
How many times can this portable jump starter charge my cell phone?
Approx. 7 times at least for iPhone 4
How long will this portable jump starter take to fully charge my cell phone?
Approx. 1 hour.
How long will this portable jump starter, fully charged, power a laptop or Notebook?
2-3 hours.
How many times can this portable jump starter, fully charged, jump start a vehicle?
Approx. 20 times.
How long will the battery remain charged?
6-12 months, however, we suggest to recharge it every 3 months.
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User Reviews

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Gregoria Zellner

Good Product

Feels well made, just fully charged and when I need to use it I will find out if it was worth the money. I think so.

Monique Croff

Good Product

It is an amazing tool, I jumpstarted my 1995 V8 with 5,7L enginge after disconnecting the battery. Ok it's summer now and the tool is new, I hope it will work when I really need it's help - in winter

Evangeline Beirne

Good Product

I have a bad habit of leaving the interior light on in my car, so instead of calling roadside assistance I thought this would be a good tool to have. Little did I know on the first day I received it I would have to use it.

Betty Fairey

Good Product

got it for great price on other site, it works great and start the car well. if you travel outdoor with far drive, bring it.

Valentine Amis

Good Product

Used it to start a Harley that had a dead battery. It worked perfectly. the unit and all accessories fit in a bank bag.

Cristina Luker

Good Product

Nobody more surprised than I.. Something so small and compact but it does the job and holds a charge for a very long time. Nice piece of mind and you don't have to look for someone to give you a jump.

Annabelle Quintanilla

Good Product

It's a great jumpstarter, small but powerfull, i used it 4 times to start up my 3.6 liter engine and it went!

Kerstin Lo

Good Product


Gregoria Zellner

Good Product

Feels well made, just fully charged and when I need to use it I will find out if it was worth the money. I think so.

Jacqueline Martin

Awesome product best thing to have

Awesome product best thing to have ... Had two of my cars battery died in less then 3 weeks and the battery worked great . What a great tool !

Showing reviews 1-10 of 62 | Next