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NewNow 3200mAh USB Extended Battery Case for HTC ONE M7 801e 802w - White

Brand: NewNow
SKU# MP21405
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Product Description

 3200mAh White Power External Backup Battery Case Cover For HTC One X

NEWNOW 3200mAh White Power External Backup Battery Case Cover For HTC One M7 801e 802w White

* Htc battery Case

* Classic color: White

* 3200mAh Large Capacity,Charging htc time: about 1.5h.

* High-quality environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery cells.

* Ultra-thin design and perfect dimensions.

* Very light and convenient to carry.

* Easy installation and removal,Stand support.

* 4 Led indicators for power balance (0--25%--50%--75%--100%),360º Protective and powerful

* Works as both an extended  battery set and a protection case.

* Suitable for charging HTC: 801E 802W 802D 802T



3200mAh White Power External Backup Battery Case Cover For HTC One X

* When the power reaches 15 to 35 %, the first indicator light is on. The more the number of lights lit, which means that the more abundant electricity. When it’s fully charged, four indicator lit.

* With automatic wake-up function, you can plug and charge at any time. There is a blue LED light flashing when charging

* When it’s power off, you can charge it by your own USB charging cable. There is a blue LED light flashing which indicates power status when charging. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge via USB, while it takes 1.5 hours to complete by AC charging.

* Touch the button and you can always check remaining power which is presented by the Blu-ray.

3200mAh White Power External Backup Battery Case Cover For HTC One X

This battery case as an NewNow brand design with perfect dimensions that makes it among the best in the market. You need to know that it has very light at the same time convenient to carry whenever you go. It is very easy to install and remove off the battery when you want to use it. This means that you will always get a 360º protective case that will make your phone very powerful. It has a stand support and a clip cover that enhances it support whenever you are using it.

This often works as both a set of extended battery at the same time a protection case. This means that you will always redefine your looks of your phone to a new level whenever you want it. This makes it also very cheap whenever you are buying it better than many options that people often buy in the market.


Package Including:

3200mAh backup battery case for HTC ONE M7 801e * 1


How to use it?

First, please  charge the HTC external battery case to full about 5 hours.

Second, install your phone well, press the power button to charge your phone.

Third, you do not need to press the power button while you charge the case, and just press it while you want to charge your phone.


Certification CE, ROHS, FCC
Battery cycle life >300 times
Unit Dimension 138*76*21mm
Battery Type lithium-ion
Capacity 3200 mAh
Product Type HTC Battery case
Charger time 8-12hours
Color White
Charger time 3-5hours
Output 5V, 0.5A
Input 5V, 0.5A
Weight: 110.00 Grams


Can I use my USB cable other than that came along with my NewNow® battery charger case?


NewNow® battery charger case’s efficiency?

Each NewNow power bank case loses power because of circuit resistance and voltage conversion.

As the industrial standards say, each power bank case is labeled based on its raw cells capacity rather than efficiency. We follow this standard like other companies.

How long will the NewNow® battery charger case lasts if it’s not in use?

Most of our power bank case’s static power consumption is less than 100uA, which means it will take 3.5 ~20 years to use up the battery.But the chemicals inside the li-ion cells will become less active as time goes by. Most external batteries will die in two years without use.

How to extend your power bank case’s life?

1. Remember to charge and recharge your battery at least once each 3-4 months.

2. Never overcharge or over-discharge your battery. You’d better keep it charged between 5% and 95%.

Can NewNow® battery charger case be used for overseas travel?

Yes. Make sure the USB adapter you take with is compatible with the voltage of your destination country. Each adapter’s voltage input is printed on its surface.

Can I take a NewNow® battery charger case on board airplanes?

Yes, each NewNow power bank case can be taken on board airplanes safely and legally.Listed below are the related requirements.

Quoted from Federal transportation security rules (Effective January 1, 2008):Lithium ion batteries (a.k.a.: rechargeable lithium, lithium polymer, LIPO, secondary lithium).

-Passengers may carry consumer-sized lithium ion batteries [no more than 8 grams of equivalent lithium content or 100 watt hours (wh) per battery].

This size covers AA, AAA, 9-volt, cell phone, PDA, camera, camcorder, Gameboy, and standard laptop computer batteries.

-Passengers can also bring two (2) larger lithium ion batteries (more than 8 grams, up to 25 grams of equivalent lithium content per battery) in their carry-on. This size covers larger extended-life laptop batteries. Most consumer lithium ion batteries are below this size.

What if I lose the accessories came with my power bank case?

Please make sure if you have got an extra one or contact us at

NewNow® battery charger case’s compatibility

NewNow Battery case and external batteries are 100% compatible with Apple and Android tablets and smartphones

Can it charge other digital devices and be charged simultaneously?


Can I charge multiple digital devices at the same time?


What can I do if the NewNow® battery charger case fails to recharge?

a. Make sure that the adapter is connected correctly.

b. Make sure that the USB cable is connected correctly.Please contact us via email at

What can I do if the NewNow® battery charger case fails to charge my devices?

Check if the voltage is compatible with your digital device’s charging voltage.

How long does it take to charge my NewNow® battery charger case fully?

3-5 hours.

Can the powerbank rechargeable case and my phone be recharged at the.same time?


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Good Quality, very usefull

Good Quality, very usefull, excellent price/performance.


was above and beyond my expectations

was above and beyond my expectations ! It was nice to be able to charge my phone and a second in one Full charge. I highly recommend this product. I think the added bonus is the external USB which allows you to charge another device besides the Phone. It is a quick charge also.


Great case

Great case, works very well, allows me to be worry free. button works well and sturdy protection.


Arrived on time, and was very easy to use.

Arrived on time, and was very easy to use. So far works awesome....and arrived on time as promised!
These cases are important to anyone that is not always near a charger. I travel every week and trust me once I had 20% I start to panic but not anymore with one click of a button and matter of 35 to 45 minutes I have a full battery once again.


This case works great and gives my phone a full charge.

This case works great and gives my phone a full charge, so i don't have to worry about my phone dying while on the go. The case itself is nice and slim and also has a nice smooth feeling to it, made with great quality! I received the white case and i absolutely love the color!


great product

great product,help wonderful when I out for a whole day. this battery case charging amazingly,I like this case cause it really protece my htc m7. that is excellent battery case. I am happy with this purchase.


This phone case is beautiful.

This phone case is beautiful. The detail on it is intricate.These cases protect your phone, as I have dropped it a million times and it does not break. When I say I live by these cases, EVERYONE in my family got at least one. I highly recommend these cases to anyone who is looking for a great protector for their phone.


I would recommend this to anyone looking for a case like this!

This case is great!! I bought one for me and one for my wife. We both love it. It wirks even better then in the details of the product. My HTC will be at 2% battery and it will charge it all the way, then give me 20% after that. They stand by their product! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a case like this!


this unit charges my phone 100%.

I needed a charging option to keep my phone charged through long work periods. This case has provided just that. When fully charged, this unit charges my phone 100%.


I am reall y pleased with this purchase.

I am reall y pleased with this purchase. The product and the price make it a must have for any iphone owner.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 24 | Next