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NewNow 2600mAh Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5S, 5 - Purple

Brand: NewNow
SKU# MP21404
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Product Description

 NewNow 2600mAh Power Bank Case Purple for iPhone 5/5S

NewNow 2600mAh External Backup Battery Case Extended Rechargeable Power Bank Cover Charger for Apple iPhone 5/5S Purple

* Compact and stylish appearance.

* Classic color: Purple.

* 3200mAh Large Capacity, Apple charging time: about 2h.

* High-quality environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery cells.

* Intelligent protection chip provides quadruple protection including overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.

* High-gloss aluminum metal surface materials.

* Curved bottom highlights the noble charm.

* Resolve charging problem of Apple family.

* This device offers extra time for your iPhone:

  1. 210 hours of standby time.
  2. 24 hours of music time. 
  3. 8 hours of talk time.
  4. 7 hours of video time.
  5. 6 hours of web surfing time.
NewNow 2600mAh Power Bank Case Purple for iPhone 5/5S

* Stand support,Easy installation and removal

* Quality Material & Great Performance

* The outer case is made of top class PC/ABS material

* Possessing good properties for damp-proof, dustproof, heat resistance and shocking resistance

* High light Purple baking varnish shell

* Purple is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. The color meaning of Purple is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion

NewNow 2600mAh Power Bank Case Purple for iPhone 5/5S

* 100% Compatible with iPhone 5/5S

* Standby Time: Up to 450hrs,Battery Case charging time: 8hrs

* 4 LED power indicators shows power status of external battery(0--25%--50%--75%--100%)

* To charge the portable battery, simply plug in the USB contactor into the portable battery

Package Included: 1 x 2600mAh Power External Battery Case

How to use it?

*Before installing, pull the top of the case upwards and put your phone into it.

*Slide your phone into the backup battery cover and make sure your phone is fully connected to

the male micro USD dock port on the internal of the case

*Press the ON/OFF switch for 3-5 seconds to activate ( or to stop)charging,and confirm the charging signal appears on your phone

*Press the ON/OFF button once to check how how battery capacities are left.(1LED:≤25%, 2LED:≤50%, 3LED:≤75%, 4LED:≤100%)

*Use your original charging cable to charge this battery case

* When the power reaches 15 to 35 %, the first indicator light is on. The more the number of lights lit, which means that the more abundant electricity. When it’s fully charged, four indicator lit.

* With automatic wake-up function, you can plug and charge at any time. There is a blue LED light flashing when charging

* When it’s power off, you can charge it by your own USB charging cable. It takes approximately 3 hours to charge via USB, while it takes 1.5 hours to complete by AC charging.


Certification CE, ROHS, FCC
Battery cycle life >300 times
Unit Dimension 146x74x17.5mm
Charger time 3-5hours
Output 5V, 0.5A
Input 5V, 0.5A
Product Type iPhone Battery Case
Capacity 2600 mAh
Battery Type lithium-ion
Color Purple
Capacity 3200 mAh
Weight: 74.00 Grams


How does it work?

The Battery Charger Case has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery inside. When you slide your phone into the case, a connector at the base plugs into the port at the bottom of phone. Flip the standby switch on the back from red to green to start charging your phone. After using up all the power in the juice pack, just recharge it with your USB cable for more on-the-go power. It's as easy as that.

What is the best method for charging my iPhone using the battery case?

Assuming the iPhone and battery case are both fully charged, we recommend waiting until your iPhone has 20% battery left. When you're in the red, flip the standby switch to green and let the juice pack to do the heavy lifting. The iPhone requires more power to charge past 80%, so if you want to get the greatest battery boost from the juice pack, we suggest flipping back to standby mode until your phone battery is low again. This isn't the end-all-be-all, but we like it.

What is the best method for charging my iPhone Battery Case?

Connect the battery case to a power source using the micro USB cable that came with your iphone battery case. The USB cable can be plugged in to your computer or any "Made for iPhone" power source with a USB out. You do not need to remove your iPhone from the battery case to charge. Leaving the battery case on your phone while charging will actually charge both the case and your iPhone simultaneously!

Why aren't the LEDs blinking while the iPhone Battery Charger Case is charging?

After connecting to a power source, the LED status indicator will start blinking to indicate charging. The lights will turn off after 30 seconds allowing for a good night's rest. Remember to check the status indicator before you disconnect. When all four LEDs are lit, your iPhone battery case is fully charged.

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User Reviews

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Sergio Fernndez

Good Product

It works as advertised, is only $19, and I would recommend it to any of my friends.

Robert Bertolini

Good Product

Product arrived 7 day early and works GREAT!!! Works my Iphone and I can charge my iphone about 4 times on a single charge

Rebecca Bryson

Good Product

This case was just as expected. It is a hard plastic case, easy to charge, easy to use and durable!

Brian and Liz Sutherland

Good Product

I ordered this case Friday , & I received it today ! The packaging was awesome it comes with a screen protectant & charger for the case it's white & glossy perfect for my white IPhone ! It works perfectly! Easy to put together & take apart thanks NewNow !


Good Product

I got it at a good price compared to other places and i like it a lot and i have had it for about 6 months i think. i have dropped it on very hard cerfices twice (the road and the sidewalk) and although the back has popped out a little bit, it is still intact and working fine and completely protected my phone.

Margaret Thomson

Good Product

This case looks great with my white iPhone, it is sleek and really does not weigh that much considering the extra battery. It has led indicator to tell you how much charge is left in the case and you can turn the charging battery on and off so it's not constantly charging your phone, but is there when you need it. It is easy to put on and take off and does not look big and clunky like a lot of the battery cases do. For the price, it is a great buy! I definitely recommend it, I have not found any cons with this case, all pros.

David Linney

Good Product

The battery gives about one additional charge, maybe a little less. But has made life so much easier.

Ian Corkin

Good Product

Love the battery pack. Saves me from searching for plugs in the airport. I would definately recommend this battery pack

Sean Robinson

Good Product

I travel too much to be without power. After purchasing similar devices, I found the reviews on this product to be intriguing. I purchased and could not be happier! After the initial charge, I have been able to keep my Galaxy charged, my iPod and my Kindle all on the same charge. And, it's nice and compact. I can charge my phone in my pocket! You won't be disappointed.

Murray Drake

Good Product

I cannot suggest this case enough as an alternative to the higher priced cases. Love it for the weekends when I am not around power all the time. This case holds my VZW iPhone 4 at 100% for at least 24 hours with heavy usage... plus then I have a full iPhone batt after that!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 15 | Next