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NewNow G05 Multi-function Mini Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank w/12,000mAh Capacity - Supplies Car Battery w/Boost of 400 Amps - Features LED Light & Dual USB Device Charging Ports

Brand: NewNow
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Product Description

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NewNow® Greenway G02 12000mAh Multi-Funtion Jump Starter Emergency Power 400Amp Peak 12V Car Jump Starter Mobile Power Bank Rechargeable Battery Charger for Cellphones/Laptops with LED Flashlight
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* One year warranty * Ship from US、UK、CN, quick shipment

Car Jump Starter Emergency Source Auto Start Power Bank

This item is a Multi-Function Car Jump Starter Emergency Source designed to provide the desired amount of power where and when you need it. The item easily stows away in a glove box, backpack, or even in your pocket. The lightweight, sleek design allows you to carry the item anywhere you go.

-12 Volt 2A DC output for jump starting vehicles, light duty trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jet skis and more!
-19 Volt 3.5A Output (Designed for Laptops - Includes 19V Cable/Adapters)
-5 Volt 2A USB output for charging celluar phones, tablets, cameras, GPS units, and more!
-LED Flashlight
-Lithium Ion Battery - Ensures a long lasting charge, reliable power source
-Quick re-charge capability
-User friendly
-Up to 1000 charging cycles
-Overcharge and Discharge Protection
-Fuse Protection
-Reverse Polarity Protection
-Dimensions: 160*175*28 mm
-Battery Capacity:12000 mAh
-Output:5V--2A ;12V--2A; 19V--3.5A;
-Full charging time : 4 hours
-Starting Current : 200A
-Peak Current :400A
-Operating temperature: -20°c~60°c
-Current Inventory: IN STOCK



Product Features:

-LED Flash Light
-Jumper Cables Socket (Designed for Vehicles, Trucks, Boats, Jet Skis with 12 Volt Battery)
-19 Volt 3.5A Output (Designed for Laptops - Includes 19V Cable/Adapters)
-Charge Indicator
-Power On/Off Switch
-5 Volt 2A USB Output (Designed for Smart Phones, Ipods, Tablets, GPS Units, Cameras, etc.)
-USB Cable includes most popular/common USB Adapter
-12 Volt 10A Output (Designed for 12V Accessories Such as Coolers)
-12 Volt 1A Input (Used for Wall Outlet Charger and Vehicle Outlet Charge)


NewNow Portable Car Battery Jump Starters

How to Jump Start 12V Vehicle with Portable Jump Starter:

1.Make sure that the number of indicator light is not less than 3.
2.Connect the red battery clamp of jumper cable to the vehicle’s positive (+)
3.battery terminal and connect the black battery clamp of jumper cable to the
4.vehicle’s negative (-) battery terminal.
5.Plug the cord of jumper cable into the jump start socket.
6.Start the vehicle.
7.When the vehicle starts, remove the jumper cable from the unit and disconnect and black clamps to the vehicle battery terminals within 30 seconds.
9.Leave the vehicle’s engine running.

How to charge cell phone and mobile devices with Portable Jump Starter:

1.Plug the switch cable B to USB 5V 2A output port.
2.Select appropriate conne


Peak Current 400A
Operating temperature -20°c~60°c
Output voltage at auto start end 12V
Charge Mode CC/CV 15V1A
Starting Current 200A
Color White
Capacity 12000 mAh
Product Type Car Battery Jump Starter
Battery Type lithium-ion
Weight: 987.00 Grams


How do I turn off my portable jump starter?
This unit will power off automatically when there is no load or charging is complete.
How many times can this portable jump starter charge my cell phone?
Approx. 7 times at least for iPhone 4
How long will this portable jump starter take to fully charge my cell phone?
Approx. 1 hour.
How long will this portable jump starter, fully charged, power a laptop or Notebook?
2-3 hours.
How many times can this portable jump starter, fully charged, jump start a vehicle?
Approx. 20 times.
How long will the battery remain charged?
6-12 months, however, we suggest to recharge it every 3 months.
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User Reviews

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Cody Stapler

Good Product

I've had this thing for a month now and absolutely love this thing. Not only do I know when it's done charging but I know when charge is almost done. Also this thing lasts for a pretty long time so love it. I recommend this product to others

Stefan Perron

Good Product

Has lots of power to spare and holds a charge between uses. It is also quite compact.Great product. After using this at work, I bought one for my own use.

Arnulfo Short

Good Product

Excellent product, very nice finish.

Rickie Hardie

Good Product

Excellent device for both business, boating and the kids needing some power on trips! It is a little heavy but nothing that would weigh you down in any way.

Sol Raney

Good Product

Came at a time when needed and performs perfectly.

Toby Krejci

Good Product

Love it! I am very impressed with this product! LED light is a great bonus! Can charge phone about 4 times

Otha Sunseri

Good Product

I love it expecially since i cant remember to charge my phone most nights
this charge it once and it lasts me all week

Homer Sowell

Good Product

extremely happy
and you will be too .

Frances Jonson

Good Product

This device really works! I used it on a long flight to power several devices. It lasts long enough to help me through a few kindle movies!

Randal Callaham

Good Product

This product delivers good value and excellent performance exactly as advertised. At about one fifth the price of the fancy name brands.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 45 | Next