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45W Car Charger for Apple Macbook A1244 A1374 Magsafe Power Adapter Portable Charger Laptop Notebook Power Supply Cord Plug

Brand: NewNow
SKU# CM31714
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Product Description

Item Specification

OUTPUT: 14.5V ~3.1A
USB output: 5V 1.5A
Connector: MagSafe
Weight: 4.67 ounces

Package Includes:
1 x DC Power Adapter (Car Charger)

Compatible Models
Apple: Macbook Air 11- Or 13-inch
A1244 1374
The magnetic plug does not fit 2012 year model MacBook Pro with Retina display.




Product Type Car Charger for Macbook
Output 5V,1.5A
Certification CE, ROHS, FCC
Weight: 132.00 Grams


Do you have any driver for the hub cable for MacBook?
Our NewNow Hubs are plug-and-play so there's no need for extra drivers, but we do recommend updating your USB controller’s drivers and firmware to the latest version. This ensures a smooth experience using any USB devices. To do this you should identify the brand of your USB controller then search online, or contact your PC/motherboard supplier directly.
Why do my wireless mouse/keyboard not work closely with Anker USB 3.0 hub?
2.4Ghz wireless devices may have frequency interference issues with USB 3.0 ports so we recommend using a USB 2.0 hub instead.
Why is my apple MacBook unable to shut down when the hub is connected?
1. Please unplug the hub and see if your computer is then able to shut down.
2. Please unplug the AC adapter from the hub and see if the PC will shut down properly with the hub plugged in. If this solves the problem then the issue is with the hub. Please feel free to contact our support team for an exchange or refund. If it does not help, Please attempt the further troubleshooting below:
a. For Windows users: Adjust your power settings as follows: Right-click “My Computer”, select “Attributes”, then “Hardware”, followed by “Device Manager”, double-click “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”, right-click “USB Root Hub”, click “Attributes”, then “Power Management”, unmark “Allow computer to close the device to save power”, click “Yes ”, and then restart the computer.
For Mac users, please uncheck the box "put the hard disks to sleep when possible" in energy saver.
b. Check the USB 3.0 host and update its driver to the latest.
c. Try a different USB 3.0 cable/usb port.
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User Reviews


Worked great!

Worked great! It doesn't overheat and it was a lot more sturdy than I expected it to be since it's not a genuine apple product.


Great charger

Great charger. We've had it for a few weeks and it's done exactly what it should without any issues. I would recommend this to anyone.


works well

I still didnt use it for real charge and cant compare it to the AC charger, but I did try it and it did show that it's charging. the cable is long enought to reach comfortably the back seat, together with the 4G stick these are my new travel mate.