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3200mAh for iPhone 6 Super Slim External Battery Backup Case Cover

Brand: NewNow
SKU# MP31336
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Product Description

Charge bound to get rid of your favorite machine, the original charger is no longer needed, as long as it is a 5V USB interface charger, whether you are a car charger or mains charger can all charge!
This case is built-in rechargeable li-polymer battery. Apple iPhone 6 can be inserted in it perfectly and absorb its power. Very convenient, just like dress your phone a case, and easy to take it anywhere.
You can charge the battery pack from computer, PC, Notebook, AC/DC adapter etc.
100% brand new, high quality
Suitable for: Apple iPhone 6
Material: Li-polymer
Capacity: 3200mAh
Input: 5V / 800mA
Output: 5V / 500mA
Charging Time: 5h
Dual IC chips protection, anti overcharging, anti over discharging, anti short circuit
FCC / CE / Rohs / UL certifications approved

Weight: 87g
Size: 150 * 70 * 15mm
Phone Size: 4.7 inches
Color: White

Charging/sync, simply plug in the USB turn micro USB to the micro USB female dock, connect the USB to a powered USB equipment or computer.
Compatible Perfect with new Apple iPhone 6

1 x 3200mAh external battery case for Apple iPhone 6

3200mAh external battery case for Apple iPhone 6

3200mAh external battery case for Apple iPhone 6

3200mAh external battery case for Apple iPhone 6


Unit Dimension 150 * 70 * 15mm
Battery cycle life >500 times
Certification CE, ROHS, FCC
Input 5V, 0.8A
Output 5V, 0.5A
Charger time 3-5hours
Capacity 3200 mAh
Product Type iPhone Battery Case
Battery Type lithium-ion
Weight: 87.00 Grams


How does it work?

The Battery Charger Case has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery inside. When you slide your phone into the case, a connector at the base plugs into the port at the bottom of phone. Flip the standby switch on the back from red to green to start charging your phone. After using up all the power in the juice pack, just recharge it with your USB cable for more on-the-go power. It's as easy as that.

What is the best method for charging my iPhone using the battery case?

Assuming the iPhone and battery case are both fully charged, we recommend waiting until your iPhone has 20% battery left. When you're in the red, flip the standby switch to green and let the juice pack to do the heavy lifting. The iPhone requires more power to charge past 80%, so if you want to get the greatest battery boost from the juice pack, we suggest flipping back to standby mode until your phone battery is low again. This isn't the end-all-be-all, but we like it.

What is the best method for charging my iPhone Battery Case?

Connect the battery case to a power source using the micro USB cable that came with your iphone battery case. The USB cable can be plugged in to your computer or any "Made for iPhone" power source with a USB out. You do not need to remove your iPhone from the battery case to charge. Leaving the battery case on your phone while charging will actually charge both the case and your iPhone simultaneously!

Why aren't the LEDs blinking while the iPhone Battery Charger Case is charging?

After connecting to a power source, the LED status indicator will start blinking to indicate charging. The lights will turn off after 30 seconds allowing for a good night's rest. Remember to check the status indicator before you disconnect. When all four LEDs are lit, your iPhone battery case is fully charged.

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User Reviews


Love this case.

Love this case. I am using it right now for my iphone 6. It fits on my phone pretty well. I really like the quality and color of it.


Item is as advertised arrived on time and good packaging

Item is as advertised arrived on time and good packaging. It allows good protection for my iPhone Having a USB port is a beautiful idea. Really enjoying this item.


this the case for you.

This case is great it keeps my phone thin and does not add too much extra weight to it. The case also provides some decent protection. The battery case charges my phone fast, and I am able to get about 2.5 full charges out of it without having to charge the case again. The case is easy to use and easy to put on and take off. If you are in the market for a battery case that provides protection then this the case for you.

Jon Van

This case is simply the best battery case on the market for iPhone 6.

This case is simply the best battery case on the market for iPhone 6. It provides superior exterior protection for the phone. It also gives the iPhone an additional full charge from 1% to 100% with almost half the battery power remaining on the case battery. I was able to consistently get 1.5 full recharges from this case on a daily basis. For anyone looking to extend their battery life on their phone without having to consistently recharge the phone, I highly recommend this case.


easy to use, charges super fast

easy to use, charges super fast, and the least bulky of the battery cases out there.


I would recommend this to a friend.

This was Received on time and was In Good shape. It Works very well. It Lasts a long time. I would recommend this to a friend.


Great products.

Cute case for the younger generation mostly even though I would use it. It fits nice and snug. This is a light weight case for looks only. Great for my daughter who loves changing her cases daily. Looks cute on the phone and love the colors.It feels like a very sturdy case and does fit well. It doesnt make the phone feel much larger and if you are looking for protection I think this is a good cover. Great Company and great products. They have cases for lots of phones at a reasonable price. Like them on Facebook and visit their website. Great products.