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Benefits of Using an Auto Start Power Bank

Posted on 27th Nov 2014 @ 1:57 AM

portable car starter also known as auto start power bank or car battery jump starter is required if you often have problems and your battery dies often. It jump start your vehicle’s battery and give it sufficient charge to get it moving again. Recharging your car battery is not hard, but without the right tools, it can be very complicated. In this article we will look at the benefits of having an auto start power bank.


First, you do not have to worry about the position of your car when you are using your jump starter. It is not like booster cables, where you have to consider whether the other car (host) will be able to move as close as possible for the booster cables to reach your dead car’s battery. Jump starters solve this problem with ease.


One of the major benefits of having an auto start power bank is that it eliminates the need of finding your friend to loan you his or her car so as to use it as the host car, which is a necessity when you are using booster cables. This benefit is not just about the stress of finding someone to help you, but it is also a safety measure. You can easily pull out your jump starter from the trunk, connect it and get your car started, which is great especially when you are in an unfamiliar location or stranded at night.


Car battery jump starters have another benefit in that there is only one set of connection which you are required to make – simplifying what might be the confusing process of booster cables. With boosters, you are required to make at least two sets of connection, thus, twice the chance of making an error. This can create sparks which can cause an explosion if your battery gases are present.


Most Car Battery Jump Starters’ work though delivering that initial kick that your battery require to start up again. From there, you only need to keep you engine running for about half an hour and your battery will be well recharged. These starters are quite affordable and you can get a quality one for less than $100.


As you have seen, there are many benefits of having your own jump starter. Other benefits include:

  • They are very flexible – can be carried easily.
  • They are compact and small - fit under the seat or in glove box easily.
  • They are quite affordable.
  • They maintain your battery through constant topping, thus extend its life.
  • In addition to charging your vehicle battery, they can be used to charge snow blower, lawnmower, motorcycles, and more.


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