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Some Information about a GreenWay G02 Portable Jump Starter

Posted on 26th Nov 2014 @ 1:59 AM

Jump starting a car is a way of starting a car with a discharged battery and is also known as boosting a car. Your car batter may accidentally discharge due to maybe leaving the headlights on unintentionally and it is a very unnerving moment when you have an appointment and find your car unable to start. It is therefore important to have a source of emergency car jump starter.


Types of Battery Jump Starters

We have jumper cables or jump leads which is a pair of cables with clips at both sides used with the availability of another car with a working battery. Here, the cables are joined between the two cars and the stalled car is started to suck some energy into its own battery.


Auto start external battery is usually a portable charger that will need to be charged in order to be able to charge your dead battery. This does not need another car or battery. It is the main portable jump starter for cars.


Benefits of Emergency Car jump Starters

Wherever you may be, your car has to be in almost perfect condition to avoid annoying situations. If your Auto Jump Starter goes dead and you are in an isolated location, owning at least one of the external jump starters would go a long way to saving you money and maybe even your life in some instances.


Some types are easy to use so no extra assistance that may cost you is needed.Criteria for an Auto Start External Battery


  1. Should have adequate battery capacity to be able to charge the car. The capacity of the car should be compatible with the capacity of your charger and this should be discovered when buying the charger.


  1. It should be fully charged for easier usage when charging since it may refuse to charge if not enough power inside the charger.


  1. It should be easy to use for faster and stress free process since there could be complex chargers that may prove difficult to use.


  1. Portability is of high value as the charger should not be heavy to carry and should not be taking much space in your car.



I would recommend a portable jump starter with 12V that has a mini Power bank Led battery. This is perfect for small cars, light duty trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs, jet skis and many more. Prices will range from $50 to about $150 depending on the preferred choice.


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