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NewNow Launches 2014 Spring Promotion on All Power Bank and External Battery Products

Posted on 25th Jul 2014 @ 8:15 AM

NewNow, a leading brand of mobile power solutions in the international market, has launched an amazing promotion on all their products. The Spring Promotion runs for three months. With the coupon code newnow100, customers will get a discount of 10% on their quality power bank, external batteries or power bank case. They still assure their customers of the same high quality standards of products at a discounted price.

An increasing number of the world population uses mobile electronic devices today. These range from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to portable USB music players. Those appliances have made life easier. All these devices use rechargeable batteries and need to be recharged from time to time. When the batteries on the devices are short of power and one is not near a power supply, one may still want to use the device. This causes untold inconveniences.

Effective alternative 
NewNow has found an innovative method to deal with such situations. In case a laptop battery or mobile phone has used up its power and cannot be immediately recharged, one can apply an external battery and continue using their laptop. Another option is to use the reliable 15600mAh power bank which will power a mobile phone, laptop and tablet PC for a considerable period of time.

Another effective alternative is the power bank case that is used on mobile phones. For instance, in case of a power blackout, one can use an iPhone 5 battery case to power their iPhone 5 handset. This will offer great relief enabling one to remain reachable during the whole period. The main goal of this leading power bank manufacturer is to provide convenience to customers.

Before purchasing any product, it is important for clients to ensure the products match their devices. The voltage of the power banks should be compatible with the device requirements. The company’s website provides more information on how this can be done through a step by step guidance.

The company makes their products more affordable so that many more customers will experience convenience while using their various mobile devices. For this reason, they start an online shop. With this promotion, they offer external batteries, the powerful 15600mAh power bank, power bank cases (including the iPhone 5 battery case) among many other products at 10% off the normal price.

Return Policy 
The company is aimed to make their customers satisfied when they purchase any products at their website. If any customers order a product and it does not fit their device, they will be allowed a window period for returning the initial product.

About NewNow keeps providing mobile power solutions to most places in the world, such as the Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. With their overseas warehouse, they can ship the products to each customer’s house at the most affordable prices.