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Benefits of Keeping a Portable Jump Starter in Your Vehicle

Posted on 27th Oct 2014 @ 2:52 AM

Surveys reveal that flat or dead batteries are at the top of the list of most vehicle-related call-outs. Many drivers are caught unaware and have to pay for the neglect. They’re the ones who lose precious hours waiting for a vehicle to pass by and provide the much needed boost.


Usually Battery Jump Starter discharge when some light is left on. This may not be intention, but could happen. Therefore, a sensible car owner should keep some tool ready for such an emergency. Otherwise, such an occurrence can be a great interruption in routine. For this reason, it’s important to invest in a portable jump starter. In our opinion, it’s the best tool you can carry around in your vehicle.


How battery jump starters work?

Before we enumerate various benefits of owning an auto start external battery or a portable jump starter, first let’s have a close look at the functions of such as device.


A jump start or boost means starting a car or any other vehicle which cannot start by itself due to insufficient energy supply to the engine due to discharged battery. This boost is made possible by a battery jump starter or another vehicle.


If you have never used a portable jump starter before, you might feel that the device is complicated and potentially dangerous. It’s definitely not dangerous, especially if you’ve purchased one from a reliable store. First of all, the clamps and wires used for portable battery boosters have been designed to handle the massive voltage needed to restart a dead car battery. Second, the alligator clamps required for the boost are color-coded. The black alligator clamp should be connected to the black or negative terminal of your car's battery. The red clamp should be connected to the positive terminal.


In the event you accidentally switch the alligator clamps and terminals, many jump starters have an in-built alarm system that will warn you before immediately before you start the boosting process.


Battery jump starters are easy to use. Once a secure connection has been made, it can easily deliver the necessary current to the stalled car. With few electrical jolts, car engine will spurt to life and would start operating again. Once the car starts running, its discharged battery will get recharged via the alternator or the vehicle. The process could take two to three hours.


Advantages of owning a portable booster

The new battery jump starters available on the market are completely safe to lug around and use, and are 100 percent reliable. With a portable jump starter at hand, you’ll never arrive late at work. If your car battery has discharged, all you need to do is to use your portable jump starter to start your car.


Investing in something that’s guaranteed to work is definitely a smart move. The best thing about auto jump starter is that they’re not that expensive. There’s no need to wait for a stranger to come by and hope that he/she is willing to help, if your car battery dies out while you’re on the road.



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