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3 Things to be Cautious of When Using a Jump Starter Portable Device

Posted on 7th Oct 2014 @ 3:10 AM

A dead battery is a common occurrence amongst most motorists. A variety of factors can cause your battery to die, ranging from alternator problems to simply forgetting to turn off your headlights. Whatever the reason may be, chances are good that you will encounter a dead battery at some point in your life.

If you’re not limited by a budget, you could just have your car towed to a mechanic’s shop should your battery die. However, for most of us, money is a factor. This limits our options down to two—a set of car starter battery and the commonly used emergency jump starter for car and truck use.

Since the use of jumper cables requires another vehicle to be present, most folks opt for the jump starter portable device since it can operate on its own power. However, it is absolutely vital to know the proper precautions and safety practices associated with these devices. Otherwise, you could cause harm to your car, as well as to yourself.

Here are a few things to be cautious of when using a jump starter portable device:

  1. Make sure everything is off! I cannot stress this enough unfortunately. Before doing anything with your jump starter portable, make sure your car is off and the keys are removed from the ignition. The excess power created or expended by your vehicle being on can be detrimental to the functional use of the jump starter.
  2. Never cross-connect the jump starter’s clamps. The red (positive) clamp should be clamped to the positive terminal of your battery, and the negative (black) should be clamped to an unpainted metal surface under your hood. If your were to reverse this for any reason you could cause a short in one or more of the car’s electrical components, or in extreme scenarios, cause the battery to explode.
  3. Lastly, do not allow the clamps to touch one another. While your emergency jump starter for car should be off before you handle the clips, it should still be noted that if the clamps touch one another (while the device is on), you will likely be met with a barrage of sparks and may even receive a nasty shock. Also, the positive terminal should not come into contact with anything other than the positive terminal of the battery or else you risk shorting something out.

While it wasn’t mentioned above, it should go without saying that the proper attire should be worn when handling a dead battery. This attire would preferably consist of safety goggles and gloves at the bare minimum. Since batteries run the risk of exploding and can literally shower you with hydrogen gas, you want to make sure you are protected as adequately as possible.

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