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Things to Consider while Buying an Auto Emergency Car Jump Starter

Posted on 18th Sep 2014 @ 3:05 AM

It is a recommendation that when your car battery gets discharged, an Emergency Car Jump Starter is needed in order to get your car to start again. Although this is not needed at home where there are external power sources readily available, it is a very important tool you should have just in case of an emergency. Therefore, there are things you should consider while buying it in order to avoid buying counterfeit one as not all starters are genuine and original as they are advertised. Thus, the following are some of the things you should consider

  1. Capacity

Before you think of buying a Car jump starter emergency source, you should put the capacity of both your car battery and the charger into consideration. It is a recommendation that your portable jump starter should be in a position to charge another twenty batteries after charging your battery fully without any problem. It should be strong enough to jump start your car whenever you need it at any time of the day.

  1. Consider the brand

Among other considerations you should take, brand is very important as not all the brands of the external batteries are universal by nature. Universality is one of the most important features you should stress in as it will help you out when in case you sell your car as you will not need another emergency external battery due to the fact that your new machine does not support the old one.

     2.   Size

Size is a very important aspect of such Battery Jump Starters gadgets to put into consideration the capacity of the charger should be greater than that of your car battery so as to allow you to charge your car battery without any straining. If the capacity is smaller than that of your car battery, charging will be problematic as the ability of the charger will be less than that of the battery. On the other hand, physical size of the charging battery should be small enough to permanently fit into its space in your car in order to be available at all the time it is needed.

     3.  Portability

Your Auto Start External Battery charging package should be able to be carried from one place to the other with ease. This is because it is something that should be on board at all the times so as to serve the purpose in case of an emergency. A small, yet powerful power package is recommendable for those vehicles which travel to rural areas where power source can be a problem.

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