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How to Charge Your Mobile Phone with a USB Portable Charger?

Posted on 25th Aug 2014 @ 5:50 AM

In present world of technology, we all stay connected with the world using high speed internet connection on our high speed smart phones. But this continuous connectivity, high processing and nonstop use of phone drain all the battery power of phone in just a few hours. If you are unhappy with this situation and you wish to charge your mobile phone on the go, then a mobile power bank or following other source can help you with that.

USB charging: If you have a laptop with a bigger battery, then you can easily connect your phone or device with its USB point and you can charge your phone using the laptop battery. In this case your laptop can act as a USB portable charger for you and you can charge the device using its backup. If this is not the case, then also you don’t have to worry a lot for this as you can simply get an external battery that can allow you USB charging facility and that battery can work as USB charger for you.

USB portable charger: In the market, so many power banks are available that can store the battery at your home or office with main power supply and when you need it, then you can use that mobile power bank to charge your electronic or communication devices easily. Since these powers banks comes with different size, shape and capacity, so you wouldn’t need to worry about its backup capacity or handling problems as you can get one according to your choice, need or comfort.

Battery case: In addition to USB charging and power banks, you also get a liberty to add a battery case on your phone. You can fix this battery case on your mobile phone just like a mobile phone cover and it will work as a backup battery for your phone. For example, if you have an iPhone 5 and if you will use this battery case on your iPhone 5, then it will work as a backup battery for iPhone 5. In order to use it as a backup battery, you just need to press a charging button when you see the low battery on your phone and it will start charging your iPhone while on the go.

In addition to this, you can get some other options and benefits as well with these USB charging options or battery banks. So, simply get one of these things and give extra capacity to your phone without any extra effort.


backup battery for iPhone 5

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