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5 Things You Need to Know About an Emergency Battery

Posted on 13th Aug 2014 @ 3:11 AM

How many times have you found yourself staring into the red spectrum of your cell phone's battery? How many times have you lost an entire afternoon's gaming session because you ran out of juice inside your rechargeable batteries?


Well, have no fears, many of us have also cried for the same reason (yes girls, real men cry when our gaming future is in jeopardy). Fortunately, technology has brought us the solution in the form of Emergency Battery. Heard of them? No?


You are in luck. We are about to describe them and mention five things you should know before deciding to buy one. Let's start then!


1) What are battery banks?

They are external rechargeable batteries or battery chargers that have been adapted to just about any modern electrical appliance we can think of. That includes battery banks for you cellphones, for you IPod… hell! There's even a portable external battery for PSP!


To sum it up, a battery bank is an emergency battery that will save your skin when you most need it. That includes camping, road trips, or even visits to your grandma.


Dual USB battery pack

2) Dual USB battery pack is rechargeable, so how do I charge them?

The same way you would charge any other appliance. They either bring a USB cable that connects to any device with a USB port, or twin flip out blades that connects to an outlet in your wall. After that, you simply unplug, connect to your electronic device, and stop hyperventilating over not having power.


3) How much power can these things store?

Anywhere between 1500 mAh and over 20,000 mAh! MAh are milliamps per hour, and they are the ones in charge of determining how long your batteries will last. So, the more mAh a battery bank has, the more juice it can send your way.


There are some banks that can hold up to 50, 000 mAh, but these are very expensive, and so, not commonly seen.


4) Do they fully charge my Portable External Battery for PSP?

Unfortunately no, not all of them at least! The problem with these devices is the same as those of any other machine… brace yourself! Science class coming your way!


All machines (simple or complex) loose energy in the form of heat. So, battery banks loose about 20% of their power this way. That means that a good 80% of its charge will be transferred to your device.


A simple way to determine if you're going to get the amount of power you need is by comparing the amount of mAh your battery needs with the amount of mAh your bank provides.


5) Can I charge more than one device at a time?

There are certain dual USB battery packs that allow you to connect more than one appliance at a time. Picture charging your cell phone and your DS at once… all you need is a sandwich and you're good to go.


Emergency Auto Start External Battery

To close it up, which are the best Emergency Auto Start External Battery in today's market? Well, it really depends on your needs and preferences, but to the most recommended ones are:

  • IntoCircuit Power Castle
  • HTC Double Charge Battery Bank
  • Hyper Juice Micro
  • Powerocks Magicstick
  • PNY Powerpack


Why should you own any of these bad boys? Simply put, they are versatile, useful, and can get you out of a tight situation… need another reason?


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