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Always Running Low? Get a Backup Battery Pack

Posted on 24th Jul 2015 @ 2:16 AM

Modern devices are power greedy. If you wish to make it via a long commute without having to charge your phone or tablet, you are going to require an external USB Power Bank to keep the current flowing. Read on as I tell you who need this pack and how to shop for the ideal one that will meet your requirements and keep your device on.

When is a backup battery pack useful?A battery pack comes in handy when you are away from a dependable power source for a long time. For instance when you are on a road trip, when you are moving between countries or when you are in an area with no electricity. It provides powered USB ports that allow you charge your gadget 2 to 5 times; according to its capacity and that of your device.

This backup battery pack is also useful when you are burning via battery life faster, such as long hours at a conference or trade show, or long flight. It can add a few hours to the use of your precious device. You can use this device to charge lots of gadgets such as headsets, headphones, Bluetooth, speakers and even rechargeable keyboards.

How to choose the perfect battery pack

Consider the following three criteria when choosing your ideal USB powerbank gadget.

  1. Kiddie cone or Big Gulp
  2. Milliamp hour

3.Output DC

Kiddie cone or Big Gulp

When buying your portable charger, you should be ready to make a trade-off between capacity (how much the charge the device offers) and portability. More power always means heavier and bigger pack. You can purchase a big pack for charging your power-hungry devices 2 to 3 times, but will it cram in your pocket or purse?

Milliamp hour

You might have seen the milliamp hour (mAh) symbol besides a battery pack listing. But do you know what it means? mAh is the short-form of milliamp hours and it is vital as it is the simplest way to determine the capacity and strength of your battery. The higher the milliamp hours the longer your battery charge will last.

Output DC

This is one of the most important features to the ordinary buyer but most of us know little or absolutely nothing about. When looking at the benefits of a battery pack, it is vital you look for the output DC. There is nothing worse than buying something and plugging in your devices only to find out that it is not compatible.

Always remember that the higher the output the less the charging time.


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