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A Versatile Dual USB Wall Charger

Posted on 20th Jul 2015 @ 2:24 AM

The most recent Apple devices, for example, iPad Air and iPad 4, oblige a power supply of 2.4 amperes. As compared to iPad 3 and in addition different tablets accessible in the business sector, it is 0.3 amperes higher. NewNow, by means of makes the NewNow Bluetooth DUO34AC.

The NewNow DUO34AC Great Features

This USB wall charger is exceptionally flexible. One amazing that is cherished by many users of NewNow is that it stops naturally when the battery achieve its full power. Along these lines, this charger can spare you from the inconvenience of changing the battery of your phone because of overcharging. Additionally, there is no requirement for you to stress if you have neglected to unplug your contraptions, since with double USB wall charger over charging, over voltage and even short out concerns is not a problem by any means.

It has two ports, one with 2.4 ampere and one with 1 ampere. Because of this property, you can charge your different contraptions paying little mind to what brand it is Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia and different smartphones. Its 2.4 amp port can provide the USB power supply needed by iPod Air and iPod 4. While you can charge your computerized cameras, convenient speakers, Bluetooth and battery cases using the other port.

The DUO34AC double USB wall charger is light and compact that you can bring it anywhere you go. Its prongs can be reached out at 90 degrees, and when not is use you can shroud and twist it. It's extremely helpful that you can convey it in your purse.

Charging is faster and you can even charge your two devices in the meantime without power sharing. This just implies that your contraptions will be charged at the same pace, consequently there is no waiting time.

Advantages of Using NewNow Dual USB wall socket

As mentioned above, you can charge two contraptions at the same at the same pace. With this component, you will have the capacity to get two different advantages - you have less connectors to bear and you save money on the wall socket space.

Since we are living in an occupied world, waiting for your devices to get charge could cost you a considerable measure. What's more, since your contraptions, particularly your mobile phone is used in communication, as well as an organizer, mp3 player, lexicon and others, you can't just bear to squander your time on waiting for it to be energized. In this manner, your gadget battery's life is of extraordinary significance. The NewNow double USB power outlet is your best arrangement.

Another advantage is that there is no requirement for you to stress over the heap of intertwined strings and additionally the quantity of heaps of connectors that you have to convey. Your time won't be squandered searching for your number of pools of ropes just to find the right rope and connector that you requirement for your device.

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