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Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best iPhone 6 Case

Posted on 16th Jul 2015 @ 1:57 AM

The battery life for an iPhone 6 isn't what you'd expect from a phone of this caliber. If you take special precautions to save battery it will give you about a day's worth of use. However, if you're a talker or use it hourly for business you're going to need a battery case.

I've researched a lot of these best iPhone 6 cases and they all pretty much do the same thing and work the same way. However, there are a couple points of interest diverse between the great and the terrible ones. Beneath I've given a couple tips to discovering the best battery case for your iPhone 6.

  1. Simple On and Off

The better brands pull out when the force that is left for the situation is getting low. Likewise, there is simple access to on and off controls. This leads me to my next tip.

  1. Catches

Having the capacity to squeeze a catch that isn't recessed into a preformed remove is a major in addition to for me. I can't stand diving my fingertips into a gap attempting to squeeze a catch and not knowing whether I really squeezed it or not. With catches jutting or on the surface of the case, it makes for simpler access and accommodation.

  1. Micro USB and Lightning Cable Options

I incline toward an iphone battery Case that permits both a miniaturized scale USB link and lightning link to accuse of. Thusly in the event that you have different gadgets that use either one, you can charge them too.

  1. Measure of Power

Battery cases for iPhones shift in force from one to the next. You'll discover sums going from 1500mAh to 2500mAh. You ought to search for one that is no less than 2000mAh. Any case giving 2000mAh and above is characteristic of a higher end battery case. This will fundamentally expand the battery life of your telephone up to twice as much.

  1. Cost

These gadgets will extend in cost from fifty dollars the distance to one hundred and fifty dollars. Regularly, you can get a quality iphone 6 plus battery Case that has every one of the elements above for around ninety to one hundred dollars.

Utilize the above information when looking for your case and you will doubtlessly get an item that will serve you well. In shutting, I offer you this tip. The iPhone 5 gets an obstacle on charging when it hits the eighty percent mark. To get the last twenty percent for a full charge it takes additional energy to get it there.

Accordingly, when utilizing a battery case, you can extend the battery life if you utilize it to energize to eighty percent. This strategy will permit you get the most out of whichever brand you wind up with.

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