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How to Pick the Right Power Bank and Battery Case?

Posted on 4th Jul 2015 @ 9:33 AM

Just imagine you are about to finally complete that one level on your favorite game or you are stuck somewhere and as you pick your phone to call your friends… aw, snap! The battery of the phone goes down. Sometimes your smartphone battery may peter out on you and trail you to an inconvenient situation. Hence, to avoid such issues of safety, you should own a backup battery that is regarded as the true savior in today’s busy life. These things basically come in all types of sizes, colors, shapes and configurations. Henceforth, they are termed as ‘portable’ and are easy to carry along. When there’s no free wall socket nearby, you can always rely on this medium that serves as an External Battery to keep your devices juiced up.

But the main concern that arises here is to how to locate the premier options among a pool of identical stuff. Are they all the same?

Don’t get fooled around: Not all such items get created equally. You need to be very alert while purchasing the model that suits you as well as your device’s specifications. Here is the point, where you need to scrutinize each and every aspect.

Below mentioned tips are some of the highlights that you should consider before actually involving into the buying process:

1. Capacity

The suitable capacity for the Power Bank for you is totally dependent on your usage and needs. If you do not carry too much of devices while you travel, then a small and low capacity battery charger would be ideal for you. Otherwise, you will definitely need a high capacity charger. So if your smartphone has 1500mAH battery, then ideally a capacity of 1500mAH can fully charge it at once.  Make sure that the output voltage of the portable option that you choose, matches your device, as otherwise it won’t work.  

2. Portability

This is one of the major reasons, why Battery Case and other such items are getting popular in the international market today. While buying such stuff, make sure that is portable enough for you to carry. It is generally recommended for not going for the cheapest option, as they may break down on you. The advent of smart devices, including iPhones, iPads, MP4, IPods etc has necessitated the out-going individuals to possess a portable bank of power, or we can say, a Battery Charger Case.

3. USB Charging

Almost all the battery backup items have an in-built USB charging capability. Earlier this feature was not available in most of the models. The older models involved a separate cable, which one had to carry along while travelling. This gave rise to a number of problems. But now, with USB charging capability, all such issues are resolved.

4. Quality and Price

Besides, battery strength, the most important feature that you must look for, is the quality and price of the item. If the battery supporter uses refurbished batteries or does not contain basic features, such as temperature protection, short circuit and over charging protection, then it is not worth spending your money on such items that do not commit quality performance.

Perhaps you are now ready to make a buying decision for portable items that boost your smartphone’s battery wherever you go. Play as much as you want or continually search the web, your device will not go down if you have one such item in your pocket. 

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