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Top 5 Port USB Chargers and Micro USB Cables

Posted on 3rd Jul 2015 @ 1:42 AM

With the massive texting via multiple social media apps, checking emails, internet surfing and mobile gaming, a reliable and a Multi-Port Charger have now become a necessity to avoid that inevitable battery dead. Here is the list of top 5 USB chargers that keep your gadgets fully charged even on the go.

Whether you're travelling for leisure, business, camping or simply out of your house for the whole day, you will probably need a USB wall adapter that offers enough juice to power all your mobile devices. Based on the average usage, we have listed top 5 micro USB cables that can keep your Android as well as iOS based devices fully charged so that you will stay connected with the world wherever you are.

Belkin 4 Port Charger

Belkin 4 Port USB Charger can charge up to 4 Smartphones including iPhone, iPad, etc. Each USB port has a capacity of 2.4Amps. It is the best charger for home and offices.

Motorola Dual Port USB Charger

It is an innovative charger made by Motorola by implementing latest technology and techniques. The whole USB wall adapter is made with eco-friendly material and can charge up to 2 devices at a single time. It is compatible with all standard USB charging devices.

Powergen 2.4Amp Dual USB Wall Adapter

This charger can charge both Android as well as Non-Android based devices with its overall capacity of 2.4Amp. It has one port to charge Android devices and second one meant to charge non-android devices. Charging of the device will automatically stop when the battery is full.

CHOETECH Multi-Port Charger with capacity of 10Amps and Power of 50W

It is a 6 Ports Micro USB cable that can rapidly charge up to six Android and iOS devices with a capacity of 10Amps among 6 Ports or 2.4Amps per port. The charger needs one Power Outlet to charge up to 6 devices like when you are in a hotel or an airport terminal, the availability of power outlets are limited. However, there is no need to worry if you have CHOETECH 6 Port USB Charger that only need a single outlet to charge the devices of your whole family whether it is an iPhone or a Galaxy Note 3. The charger comes with a unique auto detection feature, which means you can either charge 6 iOS based devices or Android based devices or both in any ratio. It will intelligently detect the connected device and start charging it accordingly.

Anker Multi USB-Charger with capacity of 8Amps and Power of 40W

It is a 5 Port USB Charger that can charge both Android and iOS based devices. The overall capacity of this charger is 8Amps among 5 Ports or 2.4Amps among each. The charger is comfortable to hold with its soft touch finish and comes in the size of a deck of play cards.

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