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The Only iPhone 5C Battery Case You'll Ever Need

Posted on 29th Jun 2015 @ 2:57 AM

Most people thought of the iPhone 5c battery case as an add-on device used as an aesthetic accessory to improve how their iPhone units look from the outside. Little do they know that there's more to the sleek design of the battery case than meets the eye.

The logic on how the iPhone 5s battery power case works is quite simple. It is like using a second battery for your iPhone as a back-up unit in case your primary and built-in battery gets low on power. Most brands of battery cases use a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can store power during charging.

It is always recommended to fully-charge both your iPhone and battery protective case all the time. By doing so, you can use your phone longer and efficiently. Don't forget to switch on to the iPhone case with battery only when your iPhone unit has 20 percent battery life remaining. The charger case will charge your phone so that you can continue to use it. But if you will not be using your phone for a while, it is suggested to switch back to stand-by mode to preserve your phone's battery life.

Generally-speaking, a good quality battery case can be recharged for 500 times. Each time a battery case is charged from 0 to 100 percent is considered one full cycle of charging. Although partial charging, it is not recommended. And after the case has exceeded its charging limit of 500 times, you can still charge it but the power it will generate will be 75 percent less than the original charging capacity of 100 percent.

The answer to this question is a big no! The iPhone 5s battery protective case is designed to act like a speaker box since sound coming from the iPhone speakers is redirected to the front of the case that would result to a fuller and better sound quality. In addition, the exterior look of the battery case was designed not to block the other features of the iPhone such as the microphone, camera and other ports used for easily connecting the phone to other devices.

Does the battery power extension case affect antenna reception?

When it comes to antenna reception, the iPhone 5s case in no way affects network signal connection whatsoever. You can text and call anytime you want.

iPhone 5s battery power case cost

A reliable and quality battery case for iPhone 5 costs for between $79.95 to $199.95. A small price to pay to provide up to 80 to 120 percent extra battery life for your phone.


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