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Powerful and Reliable Car Battery Jump Starters - What to Look for When Buying

Posted on 1st Jun 2015 @ 2:32 AM

Recently I took an out of town trip with my friends. We took my car because it is the newest and most powerful. I discovered that new does not always equate to better performance. On the way back we got a flat which was not a big issue. After changing the wheel the car refused to start. It was one of those classic I told you so’ moments for my friends. They have always been warning me to buy an auto battery jumper.

Buying the best jump starter

It goes without saying that the first thing I did when I got back is to search for premium quality jump starters. After a thorough online search I discovered exactly what to look for in these devices. Power is just one of the features to be considered. You should not buy a jumper that does not a match the capacity of the battery you are going to start. Most car batteries are usually 12V and thus a majority of the jump starters are designed for this.

The secondly thing you should look out for when buy car battery jump starters is the functionality. A jump starter that simply revives you battery is just not enough in today’s world. You can get something better than this. There are jumpers that allow you to charge your phone, iPod or whatever other electronic devices while you are out of your home or office.

Still in line with functionality you need to get Automotive Auto Batteries with working light. This way even if you forget your flashlight you will have something to help you work during the night. Check out for an auto jumper which comes with LED lights. They are more powerful but they do not use up too much power.

Portability and reliability

There are jumpers for automotive auto batteries that need constant charging so that you can use them. Such jumpers are not reliable. They run out of charge quite fast and they have a tendency of failing especially at that moment when you want to use it. Anyway, you need not worry about this so much because you can access powerful devices that can jump start your battery up to 20 times before they need a recharge.

Car Battery Jump Starter does not have to be ridiculously heavy so that it can perform its functions. There are some that are impossibly light but the power they pack within them is impressive. As a matter of fact there are some that you can put in your pocket and get along with life. In general the features to look for when buying a car jump starter include:

  • Power and compatibility with your battery
  • Recharge needs and ability to hold power
  • Portability
  • Functionality- LED light, air compressor and such features always come in handy


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