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Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Power Bank for Your Phone

Posted on 7th Aug 2014 @ 3:37 AM

Now a day’s I never go out without taking a USB charger or external battery charger for my phone. I do this because I always stay connected with 3G network and due to that my phone gives me only 5 to 6 hour battery backup. That means after that either I need to connect my phone with a charging point or I need to remain without my phone. However, both the options are not acceptable for me, so I decided to use a power bank for my phone and I get so many benefits with it and some of these benefits are listed below for you as well.


Almost triple battery life: My phone battery capacity is only 2400mAh, but I use a 5000mAh battery pack with my phone. As a result of this I get almost tipple battery capacity from my phone because I use the external battery as a phone casing and when I see my phone battery is about to end, I start chagrin my phone with casing battery. And by this method I get almost triple battery backup for my phone with a simple extension.


5000mAh External Batery Charger

Extra protection: Few days back I dropped my phone and I though it’s gone now and I will need to invest money for a new phone. But luckily I was using an external battery charger as my phone casing and this external battery charger took the entire shock and saved my costly phone. Another good thing was that I got no damage in my casing as well. So I can say with extra battery backup I got extra protection as well for my phone.


New look: As I said I use cell phone power bank as external casing for my phone, so I get a new look as well for my phone. Also some of these casings come with different patterns and color themes that give a new look to my phone. That means I not only get extra battery backup and protection, but I get style as well with it that too only with one extension on my phone.


The best thing about this kind of cell phone power bank is that it can easily fit on phone and if I want to remove it, then I can do that as well with no efforts. And because of all these features and qualities I always carry it with me no matter where I am going or what others say about it.


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