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Maintenance Tips of a Cell Phone Charger

Posted on 9th May 2015 @ 1:46 AM

Cell phones are very important in the modern life. People need them for entertainment, business and most of all for communication. With so much importance placed on these devises, it is vital to keep them running at all times. To do this, one must have an operating cell phone charger in good conditions so as to be able to charge the battery when it runs low. There are certain care methods that can be used to ensure that a cell phone charger remains functional for a long time. Some of these methods are simple do-it-yourself procedures while others require specialized products.

Cell phone charger maintenance tips

Cell phone chargers are built to be durable but there are number of things that one should keep in mind to protect chargers from damage. They are as follows.

Keep your charger away from water

Chargers are highly susceptible to water, therefore, they should not be used near tub or a sink. If you intend to carry your charger to the water park or swimming area, you should keep you’re your charger protected with a waterproof bag. You can also do this if you are carrying the charger in a bad, suitcase or backpack.

Keep the travel plug adapter away from extreme temperatures

Chargers are also vulnerable to high temperatures. You should never use the charger near an oven or stove. High temperatures in the car during summer can also can also damage the internal parts of the charger. Additionally, cold temperatures also have negative effects on a charger. Therefore, one should insulate the charger from the cold or simply place the charger in the middle of the backpack or purse to prevent it from freezing.

Avoid tying the cord of the charger

A new cell phone charger is neatly gathered together in its box with no knots or twists in the cord. You should also try to maintain the cord in this state without wrapping it thoughtlessly or haphazardly into a confused bunch. Treating the cord this way will make it entangled and it may make the electrical wires to break. A simple way to fold the charger is to wrap the cord with the tie provided by the manufacturer the same way it was originally wrapped.

Another USB Power Adapter care tip is on using it to charge the phone. You should carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before using the charger on your phone. Some charges have a small button that should be pressed before inserting it in the port while others do not have. Inserting it wrongly will damage the tip of the phone.

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