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Get the Best Case for iPhone 6 to Complete the Gorgeous Design

Posted on 7th May 2015 @ 2:39 AM


You've worked so hard and finally managed to buy a phone you desired so much, the iPhone 6. Now what next? Well, if I were you I would guard it jealously. You can’t just afford to lose it or see it spoil easily. You can’t lock it in a safe either, simply buy the best case for iPhone 6 that will protect it against dust and in case it falls or accidently gets knocked on against other objects. When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6, it also alongside other manufacturers got busy designing its case to save the owners horrified looks as they accidentally drop them. The cases are designed not only to work as protectors but to add style to this wonderful gadget. You've probably come across the fashionable slim designs such as the Pelican, Spigen, Elago, Rokform, Adidas, speck, ECL USA and the NGP from incipio which is rumoured to be the best.

Check the latest cases for iPhone 6

The best way to alleviate this worry is to choose the best among the cases for iPhone 6. Apparently, they are now flooded in the market and maybe the number even exceeds the available phones for sale. A recent update of newest cases for this Apple phone include, vessel, Innexerile, Encase and Kenu all from Toffee.

I didn't mention that toffees’ flip wallet designs are made of quality waterproof materials and will suit anyone who loves wallet-style case phone cover. They are made of genuine leather of different colors, black, brown or red. The design was thoughtful, and inside is a hard shell that guarantees maximum safety for your phone.

As you would expect, all the cut-outs for easy access are present plus three slots for ID and Credit cards and a large porch for cash. The case for iPhone 6 remains firmly closed with the aid of an elastic closure whereas, a clever magnet holds the flap back for you. You will only part with $50 for this marvelous phone case.

Best cases from apple

You can also get a case for iPhone 6 direct from apple Company. The available options include leather and a silicone Cases. Get the leather Case in black, soft pink, red, midnight blue and olive brown at only £35. The silicone cases are available in black, white, green, blue, pink and red at £25. One fascinating thing about these covers is that they are extremely light and do not add weight to the iPhone. The screen is fully protected by the lip of the case placed above the iPhone screen.

Other phone battery cases for iPhone 6 to choose from include, the EC ultra slim case from EC technology which will amaze you as it lights up the transparent case from the iPhone’s LED flash light. If you don’t want your gadget to ring, just turn off the sound and the lights at the edges of the phone will alert even in the dark.


Get a case for iPhone 6 to protect the gorgeous Apple design and add the much needed grip to it. Whether you want one that only covers the sides and leaves both the back and the screen naked, the Rhino shield crash guard will do that.

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