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I Always Carry an Emergency Battery for My Electronic Devices

Posted on 6th Aug 2014 @ 2:21 AM

In present time it is almost impossible to live your life without a mobile phone or other electronic devices. But sometime we all find ourselves in some unwanted situation where we find it impossible to charge the phone or other electronic devices. I hate to find myself in this kind situation and that’s why I always carry an emergency battery with me for every situation and following are few batteries that I carry with me according to situation.


Battery for PSP: when I go out with my son, then I always carry a portable external battery for PSP because my son starts annoying me when his PSP battery goes off. He never plays with my mobile phone and he just needs his gaming console for his entertainment. And due to this external battery, I always find it easy to charge the battery on the go and it gives happiness to my son as well.


Battery bank: When I go out for my business tour, then I carry a small battery bank with me that work as an emergency battery for me. This one extra tip make sure that I do not go out of radar in mid of the day due to drained battery and this also makes sure that I stay connected with my family and my business as well. In fact I give the same suggestion to my other friends as well that if they are going out for a business trip, then they should carry a battery bank with them.


Bigger dual USB battery pack: Sometime I go for camping as well and at camping location I never find a charging point for my mobile or tablets. But as I said above living without a mobile phone or tablet is almost impossible for most of us. So, in that kind of situation I carry a Dual USB battery pack with me because it allows me to charge my devices multiple times at any remote location as well. This extra battery also gives me an assurance that I will stay connected with rest of the world as long as I get the network signal at my camping location.


In addition to these options, I also use an emergency battery that fits perfectly on my phone and gives extra battery to me. And I suggest the same thing to you as well that always carry some kind of battery to charge your devices so you can stay connected all the time with family, friends and work.


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