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Unmasking the Best iPhone 6 Battery Case on the Market

Posted on 28th Apr 2015 @ 2:34 AM


Presently, there are millions of happy customers who are unboxing their brand new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. These phones have bigger screens, better battery life and faster internals that have all neat advancements. With a combination of best features and improved internals, with a shiny new operating system, there is every reason that you should protect you hardly earned smartphone using the best iPhone 6 battery case available.

There are quite different types of best iPhone 6 battery case which have been designed with cutting-edge technologies and have high-quality features. Each of these cases have their utility.

Battery cases are in popular demand due to their rich versatility of providing protection and the much-needed power. This piece of content introduces the best iPhone 6 battery case that is available on the market as at now. The battery case I am talking about is Morphie Battery Case


This kind of battery case comes with two sleek designs. These are;

  1. Juice Pack Air
  2. Juice Pack Plus

Juice Pack Air delivers 100% extra battery while the Juice Pack Plus gives 120% extra battery to your phone.

The pros of the best iPhone battery case

  1. It has a slim design
  2. In terms of ergonomics, it has rounded edges
  3. Provides more than a full charge for your battery
  4. Easy access to all ports
  5. You can charge and sync your data simultaneously

However, for every product that has its advantages, can never lack some disadvantages

The Cons

  1. Will not work with any other iPhone apart from iPhone 6.
  2. The charging case can be a hassle.

The battery case features an exclusive integrated standby that allows you to make a choice when you want to charge your smartphone or let you preserve the battery. The LED displays the battery level. This new best battery case for iPhone 6 Plus is rounded and gaunt. It is rather slippery and has an ideal feel and touch on your palm.

The charge vault technology makes sure that the battery remains powered for a long time. The charging circuitry is equipped to charge your iPhone fast. These are the features that safeguard your phone from the accidental bumps or damage.

The Morphie Battery Case enables pass-through charge and sync when you connect it to a computer. As a result, your iPhone is first powered and then the case gets juiced up later.

This is therefore on of the best battery case for iPhone 6, and you ought to make every necessary step to buy it and protect your prestigious smartphone.

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