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5 Tips to Consider While Selecting an Automotive Jump Starter

Posted on 2nd Apr 2015 @ 1:57 AM

At present, you can find different varieties of car battery jumper in online stores. Selecting the best jump starter from store is not at all a difficult task at present. Reviews and feedback from relevant sites can definitely assist you to select the right jump starter from store.

Factors to consider while selecting car jump starter

* Fast charging period

* Power consumption

* Over current protection

* LED flashlight

* Energy efficiency

Charging period is one among the main factors to consider while selecting the best battery from store. For good result, always make sure to select a car jump starter with fast charging time. Today, many car jump starters are available with additional options to charge laptops and cell phones from their battery source.

Apart from multiple charging facilities, many portable car batteries are today provided with power display unit to indicate the energy level in battery source. Charging reminder is one among the key features included in newly arrived jump starters. It reminds user to charge the battery source as per the requirement.

Power consumption is another main factor considered while selecting a jump starter from store. Automatic shutdown feature available in car battery jumper is found to be very effective to save your pocket money. It reduces current bill and decreases power consumption as per the need.

Over current protection is one among the key features that user need to check while choosing a Automotive Jump Starter. Most of the jump starters available in market are today available with features like over-current protection. Energy efficiency of a product holds a great role in cutting down electricity bill.

Best car jump starters are always energy efficient. You can check the star rating to verify the energy efficiency of a product. To get satisfactory result, try to select a car jump starter with high star rating. Similar to fast charging of battery source, low self-discharge is another key factor to check while selecting a car jump starter from store. To get effective result, make sure to buy a starter with low self-discharge value.

As said earlier, most of the portable car battery available at present can be also used as a charger for cell phones and computers. Portable car battery is one among the best sold products from market stores. Apart from the above specified features, newly arrived jump starters are also available with fantastic options like zippered storage case, heavy duty impact resistant cover and LED flashlight for emergency condition.


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