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An External Battery Pack That Won’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

Posted on 2nd Aug 2014 @ 3:07 AM

As you may or may not know, Android phones use their batteries very fast and even with a phone that has a massive 3000mAh battery you won't get more than a day of usage out of it. This is why many start using an external battery pack that will increase the usage of their phone without too much hassle.


Let's see the three battery packs that don't cost an arm and a leg. That will provide all the things you need.


External Battery

1. The first model we'll look into is the Astro power bank. This comes in three different specs and the amount of energy it offers can range from 10000mAh for the cheapest model up to a massive 20000mAh for the most expensive one. These have a very similar look between them that is very stylish and because portable power are very small (around the size of a 2.5 inch hard drive) means that you can carry them anywhere you wish.


Price on these models ranges from around 39$ for the cheapest model up to a maximum of 70$ for the 20000mAh battery pack with the included cover that will help you keep it safe.


2. The Energizer XP series is a model that offers pretty much the same features as the Astro with a twist. The basic unit only offers 1000mAh so it is good for just adding a few hours to your phone's battery life while the top end model features 18000mAh! This means it will be able to power up your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for days at a time with absolutely no problems at all! The backup battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is simpler than on the Astro and only features three LEDs that will give you an idea of how charged it is.


NewNow 3800mAh Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - White

Price on the Energizer starts at just 19$ for the 1000mAh model and can go up to around 130$ for the 18000mAh one. Unfortunately, there is no included cover in the package but because it is quite well built you might not need one.


3. NewNow Pack is the most expensive model on our review. It offers 4 types of power banks ranging from 2000mAh up to 8000mAh. In the package you will get adapters for your iPod and iPad as well for any other phone that uses USB charging. The case features aluminum construction so you don't need to worry that it will heat up.


Price ranges from 40$ on the 2000mAh model portable power and can go up to around 180 dollars for the most powerful unit. This model is worth the money not because it offers the greatest capacity but because the quality is much higher than on the other two.


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