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Different Names That People Use for a Portable Car Starter Battery Pack

Posted on 20th Jan 2015 @ 1:56 AM

Many times we hear different names for one product and we confuse ourselves about a product with those name. Same is the case for a portable car starter battery pack also because you can hear a lot different names for this too. If you don’t want to confuse yourself with these different names, then I would encourage you to read this article completely because I am about to share some of the most popular names of jump starter in this battery:

1) Many people call it a rechargeable car jump starter and they have a valid reason for saying so. When your use it once or few time, then you can simply plug the jump starter with a power source and then you can easily recharge the batteries without any problem. That means you don’t have to connect it with any power socket while jump starting your car. It will get the required power for jump starting of your car from its rechargeable battery.

2) Mobile car jump starter is another very common name that people use for a portable car starter. People use this name because they can carry the jump starter with them anywhere and they can use it anywhere they need. And this quality of mobile helps encourage people to give this name for portable jump starter.

3) As I already said above, many people call it a portable car start battery pack also, because this device contains a pack of dry batteries. That means when you want to jump start your car, then this device will use the stored power from batteries and it will do the jump starting of your car in a very easy and highly effective manner.

4) A lot of people are also there that name a rechargeable car jump starter as emergency battery and they have a valid reason for giving this name. Anyone would need a jump starter only in case of emergency when car battery will go flat and in that case this tool can become an emergency jump starter for you. So, it can be a great and most amazing solution for people in emergency situation.

Other than this, people can use some other names also for a mobile car jump starter. So, if you hear a similar name, then instead of getting confused with it, make sure you open your mind to know the fact behind that particular name of this device.

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