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5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Portable Phone Charger Like a 13000mAh Battery Pack

Posted on 30th Jul 2014 @ 3:24 AM

Portable phone charger is must have item when traveling. Smartphones have taken over the conventional phones but battery of smartphone runs for about 8-12 hours. More you use the smartphone faster the battery drains. Therefore, portable phone chargers have become must.


Types of Chargers

Generally there are two type of chargers self-powered and externally powered.

Self-powered chargers include hand crank and solar cells that produce electricity from external source like kinetic energy or sun. However, these kind of chargers are large and may not be as portable as externally powered are. Advantage of this type of charger is that you never go out of power.

Externally powered chargers have battery pack, which needs to be charged through a power supply. Generally, they are smaller and easy to carry.

There are five factors to consider for choosing a good portable charger.


  •      Capacity

There are wide varieties of 13000mAh battery pack available in market and they come with different capacities. Higher the capacity better the charging period. One cycle is equal to 8-12 hours. Best portable chargers come with four cycles, which means you can travel for two days without worrying about charging your phone. Usually, 4-cycle portable charger is best as it gives the highest capacity like 13000mAh battery pack.


  •      Portability

Portability depends on the size of the charger. Size must be small enough to carry with convenience. In addition, weight must be light. Most of the good portable chargers are slim, light, and stylish that fits right into your pocket.


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•      Versatility

Versatility is an important factor as many of us travel with several different electronic gadgets. Especially, when travelling with family 5200mAh mobile charger must be versatile enough to charge different smartphones. Let’s say you are using Android smartphone and one of your family member is using iPhone, you require a portable charger that is able to charge both phones without any compatibility issues.


  •      Affordability

Choose a product according to your need and your budget. You do not want to spend your money on highest capacity 4-cycle portable charger when you on average use one cycle like 5200mAh mobile charger. However, in order to save money never compromise on the quality and performance of product.


  •      Guarantee

Like most of the electronic products choose companies that offer guarantee or any other kind of warranty on the portable charger. Most of the reputable manufacturers tend to provide such guarantee so, buy product from such companies.


These simple tips will help you to choose the best External Battery Charger for your smartphone. However, choose the best quality portable charger that does not degrade your battery life.