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Buy a Power Bank Case Wisely and Get the Best Out of It

Posted on 29th Jul 2014 @ 2:45 AM

If you are constantly getting disappointed because your phones battery is not lasting for long, do not fret as you are not the only one that is having such problems. Many other smart phone users are finding themselves with dead batteries in the middle of the day. Therefore rest assured that like you there are many others looking for a power bank case.


While there is not trick that you can use to make your battery last longer during the day, there are accessories that you can purchase that will help you get your phone back up again. One of the accessories that you can get is a power bank case that allows you to charge your phone while you are on the move and ensures that you use your phone the whole day. However, to get the best performance out of this device, there are some factors that you should consider.


Ease of use

With this device, you can easily recharge your battery pack anywhere and anytime without any problem. However, if the device is not easy and straight forward to use, then what good will it be to you? Therefore when you are making a purchase, check on its compatibility with your phone, how easy it will be to carry the phone while it has the case on and how easy it is to charge using it. If by any chance the case feels uncomfortable, then you would rather not buy that particular one.


External Batteries

Battery capacity

Different phones have different battery capacities. And to make use of your phone the entire day, it should be completely charged. You will therefore have to buy a power bank case that has the same capacity as your phone if not higher.


For instance, if the capacity of you phone is 2600, then the case that has a minimum of 2600mAH rechargeable battery is recommended. However, if you would like one that will charge your battery twice, then you should get one with a 5000mAH rechargeable battery or even higher.



Along with the above factors, the case should be easy on the eyes. In as much as it will increase you smart phones efficiency, there is no point in buying a case that you do not like how it looks. You should get one that you are comfortable with removing anywhere in front of many people. It should complement the looks of your smart phone and not bring down the looks.


NewNow M6 5000mAh External Batery Charger

In addition to the above, it is recommended that you look at the price of 5000mAH rechargeable battery that have larger capacities and see if they are within your range. If they are not, then you should just settle for lesser capacity that you can afford.


To help you with the purchase, you could:

  •      Ask for recommendations from a friend
  •      Do some research online
  •      Visit physical stores and do some window shopping prior to the day of purchase