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Choosing the Best Portable Auto Jump Starter for Your Vehicles

Posted on 2nd Dec 2014 @ 2:20 AM

Whether it is because you left the key in the ignition, the light on or your battery is old, majority of vehicle owners will have to deal with a dead battery sooner rather than later. Fortunately, if you have an auto jumper battery, you can jump start your vehicle and be on the move again. Here is an article on how to choose the best portable auto jump starter:

Battery type

The first thing is to understand your automobile’s battery. Your automobile will often have a 12.0 volt battery but, it is possible that it might have a 6.0 volt battery if it is a classic car or garden tractor. Ensure that your auto jumper battery matches the type of your battery.

Jump start pack battery power

Are you aware that a jump start pack is all about the battery power? The portable auto jump starter inside the pack needs to have enough cracking and peak amps to start your vehicle in an emergency state. Go for a superior peak amps starter because the superior the peak amps the more energy the jumper battery can feed in a hurry to your dead battery to boost it and start.

Insulated clamps

In most cases, emergency boosting happens in bad conditions and if the under cover of your vehicle was not dirty enough there can be additional build-up and dirt on the battery posts. To make good contact and get through all this crud, you require heavy duty clamps. For safety purposes, choose a pack with well insulated clamps to avid shocks.


Weight is determined by the jump start pack’s capacity and size. If jump starting is rare occurrence for you, choose a smaller size and lighter unit.

Cable length

Cable length will dictate how much flexibility you will have when placing your portable auto jump starter while jump starting your vehicle. About 3 foot long cables should be seen as the minimum.

Other options

  • Warranty - warranty will vary by the type of auto jump starter battery and by manufacturer.
  • Power outlets – consider jump starters with AC outlets for laptops and video players as well as DC for USB and MP3 players.
  • Lights – some starters have built-in lights which can be useful if you car does not have a light under the cover.
  • Air compressor - the best portable auto jump battery package should include an air compressor for inflating you tire in case of a flat one. 

Battery jump starters are easier and much safer to use than a normal battery. You only need to connect the cables well and start your vehicle. It is a simple negative to negative, positive to positive connection.


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