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Always Keep Your Electronic Devices Charged with the Help of External Battery Pack

Posted on 26th Jul 2014 @ 3:00 AM

I keep on travelling for my work and due to my work profile many times I do not get enough time to charge my phone and other electronic instruments. Because of this problem, sometime my phone battery portable power goes dead and I go out of radar, which is not good for my work. And that’s the reason that enforces me to keep a portable power backup solution with me all the time to charge my electronic instruments and I suggest the same thing to you as well.


But if you do not know what kind of power banks you shall keep with you, then I am giving some suggestion that may help you make a right decision.


Small battery bank: Whenever I go out with only a single phone, then instead of carrying a bigger external battery pack, I just carry a small battery bank with me that give me enough battery to charge my phone. In this method I just keep one thing in my mind that I get at least double power backup from the battery compared to my phone so I can charge my phone at least twice.


External casing: in market a number of battery casing options are there that can allow you to use the batter bank just like a phone cover and you can charge your specific phone with that casing. For example, you have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with you then you can get backup battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and then you can use this external power casing for your mobile phone and you can charge your phone with that.


Bigger battery banks: When I go out for long time or when I carry more than one device with me, then I always carry a portable power bank that gives me at least 13000mAh battery. This kind of huge battery backup gives me liberty to charge many devices together and it also allows me to charge my electronic instruments for more time. So, I can suggest the same thing to you as well that if you are going out with multiple devices, and then buy a battery bank with extra battery bank in it.


And when you will follow the above mobile power bank guidelines and tips, then I can personally give this assurance to you that you will never go out of radar. And I can say this with this much confident because above tips always helped me in my need.