The NewNow Bamboo (V, 1300Ah) (VI, 1500mAh) External Batteries

The NewNow Bamboo V 1300mAh and NewNow Bamboo VI 15600mAh external battery ensures that you carry a charging system anywhere you go. The external batteries have high powers that can cater for all your needs during the travel.

They also have the capabilities of charging several devices in the same time meaning you can charge your tablet and your camera at the same time. This makes travelling experience wonderful as you no longer have to leave your iPad or iPhone 5 or 10 due to power shortages. It is lightweight and very well adapted to travelling with.

It has been certified by the CE, ROHS and FCC. NewNow external battery is easily potable and gives an output of 5V for 8-12 hours of charging. The device is also fully rechargeable.


* It is compatible with many devices for example Smartphone, iPads, tablets, phones, camera, Nokia cell phone with DC 2.0 port and Sony PSP1000, 2000 and PSP3000.

* It is very light weight and can fit your bag increasing its portability as it only weighs 365g and measures 150 by 65 by 18m.m

* It can charge two gadgets in the same time as it have dual USB ports

* Its built with a Li-ion battery with a huge capacity of up to 15600Ah which can fully charge your iPhone5 up to 9 times

* The NewNowBamboo V 1300mAh external battery is very convenient and easy to use as one only needs to plug in the USB to his or her device. The USB port has also been designed with security in mind as it protects your gadget from short circuit and over current.

* The device has LED indicators that always show you the state of the external battery keeping you safe from unprepared power shortages.

* The package comes with high warranties of up to 500 times charging time which is very appealing to travelers and those who spend a lot of time outdoors.


* The device is relatively expensive than most of the common travel chargers.

* The NewNow Bamboo chargers do not support other devices such as laptops that normally accompany cameras and phones.

* It does not have wide range of colors to choose from as it only comes with white color

* Requires some time to charge before it gets completely full.

This is the best external charger to travel with. It gives you the ability to have your gadgets on all the time anywhere. This makes it even more fun as your camera cannot run low when you are about to shoot some of your memorable shots.

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